10 Riddles to Test Your Survival Skills These Days

Hey, guys! How about a new test that’ll check your survival skills? It will require all your attention. What would you do if you were caught in a life-threatening situation? These riddles are full of evil mystical beings but… why not? It’s gonna be fun!

So, let’s imagine that you’ve tried to get into the Secret Supernatural Service your whole life. Now, there’s just one step left to reach that goal. You need to pass an exam to prove you can handle the supernatural and paranormal. Keep track of how many answers you get right – your results await at the end!

Get to the other side of the island 0:24
Find some shade 1:16
Choose the right door 2:13
Identify zombies 3:30
Who is a werewolf? 4:30
Ghost Castle 5:13
Dinner with vampires 6:14
Scary rooms 7:07
Beware sea monsters 7:54
How good are your instincts? 8:39

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