10 Ways People in the 1800s Survived the Cold Winters

How did people survive winters in the past? Today, you can just flip on the heat in your home when it’s cold outside. However, staying warm took a lot more effort back in the 19th century. There were lots of creative yet odd ways people used to keep from freezing back in the day.

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Focusing on the hands 0:41
Keeping the bed warm 1:59
A crazy amount of layers 2:51
Hanging out in the kitchen 3:48
Close living quarters 4:43
Spending a night out at the pub 5:13
Cleverly designed home decor 5:54
Foot warmers 7:29
Wearing fur 8:07
An open fire in the house 8:57

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– Many people used a little accessory called a muff to keep their hands toasty. They were cylindrical in shape and would wrap around the hands in one big piece.
– To warm up the bed, people would sometimes put hard ceramic or metal containers filled with hot coals into the bed.
– Many people opted for a pair or 2 of long johns, undershirts, and leggings. Some women would wear multiple petticoats or slips if they could afford more than one or 2.
– Back in the 1800s, the kitchen was also the warmest place in the house, making it the perfect room to hang out in on cold days.
– In the 1800s, unless you had some wealth, families would often live in close living quarters — sometimes in just one room! While this was probably incredibly difficult at times — especially in families with more than a couple of kids — it was actually very convenient during the winter!
– Back in the 19th century, you didn’t need a special occasion to go to the pub for a drink. Saloons and pubs were often heated by a fire and packed with people, which meant they were nice and toasty!
– During the mid-18th century, people began using wing chairs in their homes, and they continued to be used well into the 1800s.
– Similar to the hands, a pair of cold feet can send shivers down your spine in freezing weather. The folk of the 1800s would use foot warmers to keep their tootsies toasty.
– In the 1800s, the fur industry was booming. To wear fur was somewhat of a status symbol, and the wealthy loved to wear them around town.
– Back in the 19th century, having an open fireplace was a big deal when it came to keeping warm. The fire was one of the few things that guaranteed a household any kind of warmth.

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