12 Creatures With the Strongest Bodies on Earth

We all watched movies where characters wear the “coolest armor ever made” but there are animals that make their own and inspire scientists to create real-life super suits. Scales, exoskeletons, shells, and armor – let’s find out who has the best defense in the animal kingdom. For example, have you ever heard of the ironclad beetle? It has a very apt name: its carapace is so hard it can withstand the weight of a grown-up person!

Or did you know that the Nile crocodile’s scales are actually an exoskeleton that serves for protection? An immense reptile has only slightly changed since its appearance millions of years ago. And if you love dinosaurs, you probably know, that the armor of an ankylosaurus is much thicker than anything found in modern animals and could take quite an impact before giving in. So what are the strongest natural materials on Earth? Let’s figure out!


Abalone 0:23
Arapaima 1:18
Ironclad beetle 1:53
Scaly-foot snail 2:30
Pangolin 3:10
Cuttlefish 3:56
Alligator gars 4:50
Beluga sturgeon 5:30
Conch shell 6:10
Chiton 6:46
Nile crocodile 7:28
Ankylosaurus 8:24

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