12 Things Guys Do That Make Girls Melt

Hey guys, listen up! Looking to impress the ladies? It might be easier than you think. Grab a baby, grow a beard, snag a red suit, and let’s get things sizzling!

According to a study, we need only one-fifth of a second after taking a look at someone to fall in love. After that, euphoria-inducing chemicals are released in the brain and affect 12 areas of it. Bright Side has discovered what actions or features of men can attract women immediately. You may disagree with some points, but remember that they are backed by science. Are you ready to learn the truth?

Make women laugh 0:41
Be prosocial 1:26
Surround yourself with high-status items 2:18
Sport an older look 3:08
Attain a bit of mystery 4:00
Be a dog lover 4:57
Wear red 5:34
Take risks! 6:07
Grow a beard 6:42
Work on those muscles 7:15
Be good with kids 7:44
It’s all about height 8:26

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– Being humorous shows traits of intelligence, creativity, and more. So if you’re looking to get the attention of a woman you’re interested in, try making a little joke!
– To be prosocial means to go about your life with the intent of being helpful to others. A man who feels empathy for those who are down and out or who simply need an extra hand can be incredibly attractive to a woman.
– While money may not always equate to happiness, it can help attract a woman’s attention. Things like owning a nice car and having a luxury apartment can win the attention of many women.
– Heterosexual women are more likely to be attracted to men who are older. This suggests that women like men who have seen and experienced more in their lives and are more financially independent than younger, inexperienced men.
– When you’re interested in a woman, it’s not always a good idea to profess your love for her right off the bat. Not only can this be a little overwhelming for a person, it can make them less attracted to you.
– When a man can look after a dog, it shows women that he has the potential to commit to something long term and has substantial care-taking skills.
– Women aren’t the only ones who look great in red. A 2010 study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology described how men are more desirable to women when adorned in red.
– Women often prefer men who take big risks and do heroic deeds. These heroic risk takers are seen to be brave, physically fit, and attention-seeking.
– Women find men with “an intermediate level of beardedness” more attractive. Innately, men with beards are perceived to be healthier and better parents.
– This may not come as a surprise, but a 2007 study from UCLA discovered that some women are more attracted to men with muscles!
– It’s pretty well known that men with babies melt women’s hearts on the spot. But why? Women subconsciously decide if a man is ready for a long-term relationship based on how they are with children.
– Many of the women like how being with someone tall made them feel more delicate; they aren’t crazy about the idea of “looking down into a man’s eyes.”

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