17 Funny Comparisons You Haven’t Thought About

Hey guys! Let’s play “funny comparisons”! If you had to choose between a toothbrush and a car, what would it be? What about the Internet or French fries? Hmm, that’s a tough one! But let’s try to compare these seemingly incomparable things anyway – it might help you decide!

For instance, what would you choose, a pillow or a dishwasher? Well, pillows are fluffy and cozy. They won’t break down and cause a leak that’ll cost you a fortune to fix. But if you spend all your money on pillows, you’ll get buried under a mountain of dirty dishes! What are you supposed to do, hand-wash them? No way!

A pillow vs. a dishwasher 0:22
A truck vs. a Ferrari 0:48
The International Space Station vs. a garage 1:20
Pizza vs. a roller-coaster 1:47
A movie vs. a skydive 2:15
A cat vs. an S.O. 2:44
The Moon vs. your backyard 3:13
Titanic vs. a yacht 3:35
A plane vs. a bike 4:04
A human friend vs. a dog 4:33
The Internet vs. French fries 5:03
A fridge vs. a diner 5:43
A toothbrush vs. a car 6:10
A smartphone vs. a cloud 6:38
A cupboard vs. a pen 7:07
A watch vs. flip-flops 7:32
Coffee vs. a light bulb 8:01

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