Phones became a large part of our lives and we really love them because you need only one gadget for entertainment, education and communication. That’s why we need lifehacks and crafts for our phones to make lives easier.
We prepared an ultimate collection of phone lifehacks! You will learn how to make phone cases of different designs. You can even make a whole collection of phone cases. Moreover, you can use our ideas and make a great birthday gift for your friends!
Let’s go through astonishingly simple secrets that we are ready to share with you:
– how to make a phone case with a hot glue gun. Wrap your smartphone with cellophane and easily make a phone case
– use yarn to fix or personalize your headphones cords, you will also create a layer of protection and give your cords a longer life. Moreover, you can choose every color you love
-make a smartphone-holding exercise armband out of a sock. Cut off the toes and heels part and pull the sock up your arm
-create DIY tripod from a coke bottle
-use a balloon to make a phone case in a minute
-if the cord is too long, check out how to transform straight cable into a coiled one. It will take less place and gets less tangled and looks a whole lot better.
Create stylish galaxy phone case in 5 minutes! You will need a plain black phone case, blue, pink and glitter nail polish. Use a sponge and add spots in different colors. Be creative and look at a picture of the galaxy for inspiration! Paint the finished product with glittery nail polish. Done!
Also, you can decorate your phone case with feathers, laces, jewelry and more!
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01:17 Hot glue phone case
01:59 Galaxy case
04:32 How to fix cords
06:27 Cheap armband

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