20 Riddles That Are Good for Your Brain

How to keep your brain sharp and fit? How to get smarter every week? The answer is simple: all you have to do is exercise your brain regularly just like you should exercise your body. You don’t necessarily have to multiply 10-digit numbers in your head. These riddles will give your brain the proper workout it needs.

And if you’re good at rescuing strangers stranded on the side of the road, finding missing husbands, and counting chocolates, then you’ll ace this quiz! Keep in mind how many riddles you’ve solved correctly and check your results at the end!

What Is It? 0:24
How Many People? 0:52
A Driver’s Problem 1:18
A Game of Chess 1:53
What Letter? 2:33
Kingdom at Stake 3:02
Magic Beard 3:58
A Paradox 4:20
Only Water 4:52
An Antique Dealer’s Riddle 5:14
Black-and-White Hats 6:14
Chocolates 7:30
A Skyscraper 8:03
A Submarine Case 8:22
Who’s the Husband? 9:15
What Am I? 9:41
Trapped 10:06
Unpopular Food 10:55
No Use 11:12
A Fired Manager 11:23

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