Sand art is a very popular kind of art now and has different variations: you can create amazing patterns, using your hands and fine clean sand, create pictures from color sand with kids or use sticks to make pictures on a lightbox.
Today you will see the wonderful tutorial on how to make meditative patterns with swirls, flowers, petals. These patterns are also called mandalas. They are so easy to make; this process allows you to be creative and use your imagination as there are no strict rules like we have in classical drawing. You usually start from the central part and usually, it’s a point or circle and continues with any symmetrical patterns or images you like. The main idea here is true self-expression. The process of creating a mandala is a form of meditation, stress relieving practice and also helps to start thinking out of the box. Moreover, playing with sand is so relaxing and develops kinesthetic feelings.
It’s a very inexpensive hobby that all your family will appreciate and you can spend evenings creating new patterns and boost your creativity.
Another cool idea is to make DIY colored kinetic sand at home. It’s really easy: boric acid, 4 tsp.; office glue, 2 tsp.; coloring 1 tsp, san, 100 g. Your kids can spend hours with fun playing with kinetic sand. They can create anything the like without the mess.
Take semolina and coloring to create amazing pictures using a lightbox. Place lights inside the white plastic box and use it as a canvas. This technique is perfect for toddlers and absolutely safe. Now tour kids will be very busy creating masterpieces!

01:09 Fairy floral mandala
04:30 Oriental swirls
06:01 Sand art sun
09:44 DIY kinetic sand
10:48 Semolina paintings

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