Usually, when we hear word “science” we have an association with a very boring process only for very smart people who dedicated their lives to write scientific papers that seems boring and hard to understand for ordinary people. Still, science could be very fun and breathtaking!
Watch our video to find mind-blowing science experiments and you will change your opinion that science a very boring thing! Actually, you can surprise your friends showing them all the experiments chemical tricks. Have fun!
Let’s start with a cool experiment for kids! Take a piece of foil and draw a small spider with a marker. Pour water on the spider, take a straw and blow on a spider. Now it’s moving! Draw another spider and start racing!
The next experiment is to make a stunning print using glue and ink. Drip a drop of glue and a drop of ink over the glue. Enjoy the pure magic!
Put an egg in a cup full of vinegar and let sit for 12 hours. Take an egg out of vinegar and rinse with water. Check out the result!
Take a metallic tray and pour some milk on it to cover the surface. Add drops of food coloring, take different colors. Finally, put the cotton ball dipped in dish soap. Enjoy the magic!
Check out a recipe of kinetic sand that is very useful for a child’s development as it develops kids’ motor skills. Do it yourself, you will need 3 cups of sand, 2 cups of cornstarch, 1 cup of soapy water and add food coloring of any color you want. It takes only a couple of minutes but you and your kids will be satisfied with the result and they will spend hours creating a whole new world to play.
Find out a lot of colorful ideas and have fun!

01:24 Trick with milk and ink
02:14 Spider race
06:06 Homemade Kinetic sand
08:57 Dry rice fountain
11:31 Trick with a candle

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