Our body usually gives us signals that we should know how to understand. This video is full of helpful tips on how to read body language, what shape of your nose says about your personality, what illnesses your nails can reveal and a lot more!
Did you know that the way you sit says a lot about your personality? It’s actually quite fascinating to analyses body language. Every person has a different sitting style although you may not realize it. If your legs are crossed, you are dreamy, full of ideas, don’t like routine, you can make decisions easily, you don’t do what doesn’t interest you. Sitting with legs angled at one side: you are fatalistic, you get what you want, can’t handle criticism, you’re wounded. When legs are held apart it says that you’re an idealist, disorganized, you don’t focus on the thing very well.
What is hidden behind the color of your lips? If you have pale lips you might have anemia of digestion problems. You should eat food products containing iron. The owner of bright red lips might have liver problems and problems with the spleen. The remedy you need is to drink tea chrysanthemum, eat honey and lemon. Violet-green lips could be a symbol of heart problems and you need to see a doctor immediately. If your lips are dark cherry-colored you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. You should drink water with lemon and stop eating fatty food. If you are an owner of pink lips, you are healthy!
We share warning signs your nails could be sending about your health. The color and thickness of nails may reveal some illnesses. Thin, pale nails: anemia or a lack of iron in the body. Yellowish nails: problems with the kidneys or gastrointestinal tract. Knobbly nails: the body has an infection. White dots: a lack of zinc, copper, iodine. Crumbling yellow or black nails: a fungal infection. Brittle nails: a lack of vitamins, calcium, iron, and beta-carotene.
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00:09 What sitting style tells about your personality
01:00 What the color of your lips tells about your health
02:10 What to do if you have red eyes?
03:33 Thin nails is a sign of anemia

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