Parenting is not an easy job and every parent need lifehacks to make their lives easier! We have a collection of unbelievable ideas like handmade musical instruments, ways to reuse yellow capsule from Kinder surprise, awesome science tricks!
Everybody loves Kinder surprise as they are so cool and irresistible – you get a treat and a toy! Moreover, you can reuse the yellow plastic capsule and make a lot of useful things out of them. You are wrong if you think that the yellow capsule is useless.
Check out unexpectable ways to reuse Kinder surprise:
-toothbrush case. Make a hole using a knife in one side and put toothbrush inside. Now your toothbrush is ready for traveling
-drill a hole (size of an average pencil) at the bottom of the capsule and glue the sharpener inside the capsule. Now you have a perfect container for shavings
-organize your tiny stuff like pushpins, buttons, jewelry using yellow capsule
-use yellow capsule keep your lollipop clean if you can’t finish it. The idea is similar to a toothbrush case
-create a container for headphones and know you don’t need to spend time searching in a bag
-you can put inside some gift with a message for a special person
Surprise your friends and offer them to play a song using handmade musical instruments!
Create cool homemade musical instruments from a bowl, silicone gloves, straws, and even carrot!
Follow our tutorial on how to make a flute from a carrot. Carefully follow our tutorial! Create maracas using an empty Kinder egg filled with beans and rice.
We share a simple way to upgrade your t-shirt with a screen print technique!
00:11 Kinder egg hacks
00:15 DIY Toothpaste case
00:27 Organize tiny things
01:50 Amazing science tricks
05:45 Carrot flute
08:31 Tin can drum

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