Stains, stains, stains… all we know that they always appear suddenly and in the most inappropriate moment: before the party, during important dinner or at the workplace. Ugh! Don’t worry we have a lot of tips on how to save your favorite white t-shirt or fancy dress! No need to panic when it happens just watch our video and take notes!
Coffee stains: cover the stain with vinegar and wash as usual
Ink stains: use window cleaner and wash as usual
Lipstick stains: cover the stain with hairspray and clean using a wet towel
Red wine: if a guest spilled red wine on your tablecloth, use peroxide and liquid soap
Grease stains: WD-40 is strong enough to remove grease stains from your jeans
Foundation stains: firstly use rubber alcohol, nail polish remover after that and the final step is water and vinegar
Armpit stains: use aspirin and water to solve this embarrassing problem
If you spilled the nail polish on your favorite wood table, don’t worry and use sugar to save the situation
Moreover, you will find a collection of laundry lifehacks!
If you want your washing machine to work longer, follow our tips on how to take care of it.
The main rules on how to wash clothes in the washing machine:
-put a ball of foil into the washing machine to eliminate static electricity from clothing
-always check pockets
-clean your washing machine using soda
-separate laundry by color
-wash your winter jackets with tennis balls
-zip all zippers, buttons should be unbuttoned
-put socks in a mesh wash bag
-always wash swimsuits by hands
-don’t overload the washer

00:24 Coffee Stains
00:47 Use window cleaner for ink stains
01:02 Lipstick stains
01:51 WD-40 unexpected uses
03:11 Sweat stains tips
06:48 How to use a washing machine

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