Today we share an ultimate beauty hacks every girl should know. Remember that you should take care of your skin on daily basis as the clear skin is the symbol of beauty!
Here is a top selection of beauty lifehacks:
-if your lips look pale and you want to make them plumper, mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for few minutes. This is a natural way to make your lips fuller
-make fake freckles using a fork. Cover the sharp ends of a fork with a hot glue, dip in powder and apply freckles
– use pomegranate tea and gelatin to make a life-saving mask if you want to look fresh in the morning, but haven’t enough sleep. This emergency mask is a perfect cure for bloated face
-a plastic cap is a perfect tool for smoky eyes. Watch our tutorial!
-mix charcoal and water, stir and apply on your tongue. Forget about bad breath
-pimples? Apply toothpaste on pimples until they are gone. One more recipe is to use aspirin and water
-toothpaste is also the best cure for minor burns
-cut your old t-shirt to make a hairband
-mix sugar, raspberry, and shea butter to make a perfect body scrub
-find the super cheap recipe of DIY sugaring paste. You will need sugar, lemon juice, and water. Boil all the ingredients in a pan for 5-7 minutes.
-blackheads? Mix PVA glue and charcoal to make an emergency mask
-cut sanitary napkin to make cheap shadow shields
-hands also need daily care and you can make hands scrub at home. Mix sea salt, olive oil, orange zest, and lemon juice
-fix broken lipstick using a lighter
-if you have lots of lipsticks that are coming to end, melt them and pour into empty shadow palette. Voila!

00:09 Plump your lips using wasabi
00:56 Bloated face?
03:09 Use eyeglasses to contour your nose
04:15 Toothpaste magic
05:47 Use aspirin to combat pimples
09:30 Cheap shadow shields

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