7 Most Extreme Motorcycle Records No One Can Repeat

Extreme speed, sky-high power, and incredible stunts – there’s just something about not only being on a motorcycle but also watching them in action that just really gets our engines going! When you add jaw-dropping records done with these two-wheeled speed machines into the mix, then you’re in for one thrilling ride!

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The Longest Moto Journey Ever 0:31
Look Ma, No Hands! 1:56
The Longest Wheelie 2:50
The One Wheeled Speed Monster 3:55
Surfing Motorcycle 5:23
The Longest Flight on a Motorcycle 6:07
Flipping the Stunt Game 7:11

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– There is one man that can confirm this feeling of utter freedom at any time. His name is Emilio Scotto, and he’s a photojournalist and writer that traveled a mind-blowing 457,000 miles around the world on his motorcycle.
– While the nickname “No Hands Man” may be somewhat questionable when you first hear it, Phil Comar earned this strange title after breaking the world record for the longest continuous hands-free ride on a motorcycle. The ride went on for 588 miles.
– Masaru Abe, a famous Japanese scooter enthusiast was the first in the world to ride a little Yamaha Jog for 310 miles continuously… on one wheel! At the speed he was going, it took him 13 hours to pull it off!
– With a top speed of 218 mph, the fastest wheelie was achieved by Ted Brady in 2017. For this record, he turbo-charged his Suzuki Hayabusa for extra power, which obviously paid off.
– Riding on ice? That’s too easy! Try riding on liquid water and catching a wave instead! At least that’s probably what famous daredevil Robbie Maddison was thinking when decided to try and make a dirtbike ride on water!
– Stuntman Robbie Maddison holds the record for this too. In 2008, he flew over a distance of 351 feet (and successfully landed it!) at Calder Park Raceway in Melbourne, Australia. He skyrocketed from a ramp going 103 mph and topped a dizzying 65-foot height during the stunt.
– There was a long period of time when racers and stunt performers thought that a double backflip on a motorcycle is just impossible. But I bet they’re all eating their words now knowing that someone did a triple backflip! The name of this fearless hero is Josh Sheehan, also known as The Unicorn for his unique and unmatched skills.

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