8 Alarming Signs You Have Too Much Estrogen

Have you been experiencing strange symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and trouble sleeping? If so, it’s a good time to give it some thought since too much estrogen could be responsible. Estrogen is the primary female hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the reproductive system. It establishes gender characteristics like underarm hair, the growth of the breasts, and the menstrual cycle.

Estrogen is one of those hormones you don’t think about until there’s something wrong, but it can affect your body so you should know what to do.

What estrogen is 0:52
What could leave you with increased esrogen levels 1:43
Signs of high estrogen in women 2:55
Swelling and tenderness in your breasts 3:20
Mood swings 4:00
Fibrocystic lumps in your breasts 4:33
Hair loss 5:03
Weight gain 5:50
Irregular menstrual periods 6:29
Trouble sleeping 7:11
Feelings of fatigue 7:51
What can you do? 8:20

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– For females experiencing the menstrual cycle, their estrogen levels will rise and dip throughout the month, which sets off ovulation and periods.
– Be careful when you buy products at the supermarket! Check the description and where your food is produced to ensure you consume the most natural foods possible (without any chemicals).
– Plastic bottles and containers are usually produced with dangerous chemicals like Bisphenol-A (BPA). These chemicals mimic estrogen in the body, and they enter your system as microplastic.
– If you drink too much alcohol, your liver, which is responsible for metabolizing estrogen, will have a hard time doing its job.
– Your body might also produce too much estrogen if you have a heart condition, diabetes, are obese, suffer from high blood pressure, or if you’re experiencing heavy stress levels.
– If you experience sore breasts or you notice they’re more swollen than usual, this can be down to high estrogen levels.
– Estrogen impacts your mental state and emotions. These feelings will be similar to PMS symptoms since estrogen is part of what guides how you feel when your period is about to start.
– If your breasts are constantly lumpy, there might be too much estrogen. They can also feel tender or painful.
– Too much estrogen in men can lead to a hormonal imbalance where there’s more estrogen than testosterone, and they can end up shedding more hair than they’re comfortable with.
– If you notice that you’re getting bigger, particularly in the hip and abdominal area, too much estrogen could be the cause.
– The menstrual period is carefully ruled by the levels of hormones in your body. If there is an imbalance somewhere, your entire menstrual period can become irregular.
– Excessive estrogen can also cause sleep problems. You may be too talkative and not able to sleep; conversely, you may feel sleepy all the time.
– If you’ve noticed that you’re tired more than usual and your lifestyle hasn’t changed, it can be a warning sign that you need to check your hormone levels.
– One of the ways the body disposes of excess estrogen is through digestion, so this is another reason why your digestive system needs to be in tip-top shape! And you’ll need fiber to keep things in motion.
– There are medications that a doctor can prescribe to make your ovaries stop producing estrogen. Just remember to not self-diagnose or self-medicate.

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