A Journey Inside Your Mouth

What are taste buds? And how does our sense of taste work? Well, first of all, your mouth isn’t alone on this project – it also needs the nose (specifically, your sense of smell) to taste all the food you eat. Together, the combo consists of 80% smell and only 20% of taste itself!

Meaning, the journey doesn’t start in the mouth. It all starts when you just walk into a room with food. Every time you breathe in, you inhale everything in the air. And in our case, it includes small particles of pizza floating in the air. Yes, there are millions of microscopic pizzas flying around! But why does hot food smell more? And why does airplane food tastes weird? How do smells information influence emotions and memories? Let’s find out!


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The journey doesn’t start in the mouth 00:00
Why do we have nose hair? 1:13
Why airplane food tastes weird 2:17
How smells influence memories 3:25
How saliva works 4:19
Taste buds 4:40
Tongue map 5:20
From tongue to brain 5:59

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