A Star 200 MLN Years Older Than the Universe Can’t Be Explained

Once upon a time, there was nothing. And, in an instant, there was everything! A Big Bang, and the universe was born! Then came the stars, the planets, collecting into galaxies and systems. But imagine there’s something that calls everything we know into question, nullifies the works of our greatest astronomers! Like, a star older than the universe?

We’ll need to venture far, far away, into uncharted space to meet the perplexing luminary. Our journey takes us 200 light-years away from Earth, to the Libra constellation. There it is, that blue ball of light – HD 140283, or simply “the Methuselah star.” Our universe, as you may know, is about 13.8 billion years old. As for this star, it’s…

Billion: how huge is it? 1:05
The mystery of Methuselah 1:34
What the lifetime of a star depends on 2:51
So how old is this star? 3:54
Proof of the Big Bang 4:31
Dark matter 6:01

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