Charge Your iPhone As Fast As Possible, Try One of These Amazing Tricks

How to charge your iPhone faster? Every smartphone owner has been there: you’re about to walk out the door, grab your phone, and see that it says “low battery.” You have about 7 minutes until you have to leave. Are there any ways to speed up your iPhone’s charging process? In fact, yes, you have some options to reduce your iPhone’s charging time.

Did you know that when your iCloud Photos feature is turned on, each transfer eats up a good portion of priceless battery? You can disable it in iCloud Photos. Don’t let your apps refresh in the background. And put your Siri to sleep. Your phone will no longer be listening and waiting for you to say those magical words which will save your battery. In short, if you’re iPhone user, check out these tricks to charge your iPhone as fast as possible.


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