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Buster the Bus is covered in mud!
Covered in the slippy wet mud
Splashing in the puddles was so much fun
But now all the puddles have gone

But Buster the Bus
Doesn’t seem to fuss
Covered in mud
He’s a happy yellow bus

The City Bus seems to disapprove
Of a muddy little Buster the Bus!

Buster can you see yourself
reflected in the glass!
Now do you see your covered in mud
And you really need to get clean fast!

Yes it’s time
To wash the grime!
The car wash will
make Buster shine!

Off to the Car Wash Buster goes!
For a wash and a polish and a shine!

But the car wash looks so scary and loud
Buster is so scared
Come on, Buster – no need to be afraid!
Take a deep breath get prepared

For a scrub and a clean
A shiny yellow sheen!
A rub a dub scrub
Such a shiny windscreen!

Come on, Buster, no need to be afraid!
Clean the muddy mess you made!

Buster will not drive inside!
And the City Bus honks
“Honk Honk!”
Buster jumps up really high
What’s the rush, City Bus, why?

It’s time to get
yourself clean
A scrub a dub dub
And a sparkling sheen

Drive into the carwash to get clean
A scrub a dub sparkling sheen

Buster takes, one deep breath
And rolls up to the door
Come on Buster, don’t be afraid
Just remember how clean you were before

It’s time to see that shining yellow
And on the streets everyone will bellow

Buster the Bus is a very shiny bus
A shiny yellow happy little bus

Well done Buster!

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