How to Write a Check: A Step-by-Step Explanation

How to Write a Check. We all know that these days you can pay for pretty much everything online: from something as simple as food delivery to major financial transactions like college tuition and bills. Believe it or not, financial experts still suggest carrying a checkbook at all times! In fact, using checks has tons of benefits that we’ll get into a bit later. If you aren’t sure how to write a check, this simple step by step guide is just what you need.

Start with the date 1:04
Fill out the line next to “Pay to the order of” 1:19
Fill out the line below “Pay to the order of” 2:16
Sign your check 2:45
What a check is actually good for 3:20
How to protect yourself against financial and identity theft 5:14


-The date goes on the blank space next to or above the word “Date” in the upper right-hand corner of the check.
-If it’s going to a certain person, write out both their first and last names. Don’t forget to add “Jr.” or “Sr.” at the end if they are. If you’re writing a check to an organization, put down its full name; no acronyms or anything like that.
-This line is for writing out the monetary amount of your check in words, not numbers.
-Without your signature, the check is invalid. You can also fill out the memo section in the bottom left corner.
-Some businesses, like utility companies or government agencies, charge extra fees for paying by card. A nearby ATM might be out of order or the website you’re trying to make a payment on might crash. One of the best things about paying with checks is that they’re traceable.
-Keep your checkbook in a safe place, like a locked desk drawer. Don’t forget to keep a record of the checks you use. Your checking account information needs just as much protection, so be extra careful with who you give it to.

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