I Spent a Week Only Speaking the Truth, And Here’s Where It Got Me

Are you completely frank with other people? Okay, everybody lies sometimes. We have different reasons to do that, from a little white lie you tell to protect someone’s feelings to something else less benevolent. But what if there was someone completely and utterly honest about their feelings and thoughts?

What could happen if you reply truthfully to any questions coming your way? Or if you only speak your mind and express your real emotions? How about to become that person for a whole week? Well, sounds like an interesting experiment so let’s see what this could look like.

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The rules of the experiment 0:39
Are you checking me? Here you go! 1:49
What my friends made me do 3:07
My boss called me to his office. Oh, boy… 4:29
Date with a girl 6:03
The only really sad thing 8:38

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– I had to reply truthfully to any questions coming my way. That included even those questions that might seem embarrassing for some, like the size of my clothes or my paycheck.
– I decided that I couldn’t let other people, especially those close to me, come in harm’s way because of my experiment. That meant I would refuse to answer questions or even talk about sensitive topics concerning my friends and relatives.
– On day 1, I informed everyone I happened to talk to about my experiment. That mostly included my colleagues, since it was Tuesday, and I didn’t have any plans to go out with my friends or visit my family.
– Whenever I was engaged in a conversation, I spoke my mind openly. It was hard at first, but the feeling was incredible.
– My friends encouraged me to do something I hadn’t dared before. That is, confessing my feelings to the girl I like. Now, I’m not really a brave kind, especially when it comes to dating, and she…
– I decided to ask her out on Friday night, so I’d have Thursday to pluck up some courage and get ready for the date.
– We took a walk to a café not far away where I’d booked a table in advance. There we ordered some food and wine.
– She got confused and serious at that. “Is everything alright?” she asked. “Yeah, pretty much,” I replied. And then, in a single breath, “I really like you, will you be with me?”
– “I need to think a little bit, can I? Sorry.” “Of course,” I said, “Sure, take your time. Thanks for hearing me out.”
– Amy met me at the building’s entrance. She smiled a little bit and explained that she liked me but couldn’t be with me. But we could still be friends!
– It was tough but exciting. I realized how hard it is to always speak your mind and never lie about anything.
– Almost no one except my friends made me feel embarrassed, and the only really sad thing was my confession to Amy.

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