If Earth and Saturn Crossed Paths, Which Planet Would Win?

This planet’s called “The Jewel of the Solar System.” Made up mostly of gases, it could float on water – should you find a reservoir 75,000 miles across and just as deep. But what makes the planet so recognizable is its beautiful rings – gray, tan, and beige. They consist of dust, rocks, and ice. Some bits are as tiny as grains of sand, others – as large as skyscrapers. It’s Saturn, and right now, Earth is hurtling toward it at breakneck speed. So what would happen if Saturn hit Earth? What happens when planets collide?

Okay, let’s imagine that all of a sudden, Earth changed the course it had been following for several billion years. But instead of rushing toward the Sun, it started to move away from the star. On second thoughts, it might be for the better – we’ve got more time to find a solution. Earth used to move around the Sun at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour. For some mysterious reason, when it left its orbit, the speed remained the same. It means we’re going to cover 746 million miles separating our planet from Saturn within a year and three months… Here’s another what-if video for space lovers!


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