If You See This Green Foam on the Beach, Don’t Come Close

You can come to a sea or lake beach and spot something that looks like blue-green foam floating on or just beneath the surface of the water. Or it may resemble streaks of bright green paint. Some blooms, called red tides, can color the water brown or red. And your nose gets filled with a recognizable pungent stench of rotting eggs. Should you probably come closer to check this unusual phenomenon?… Stop right now until it’s too late.

What you see is called a harmful algal bloom, also called algae bloom, and approaching it is a very bad idea. This bloom contains algae that can produce dangerous toxic gases. That’s what makes previously popular touristy places deserted and outright treacherous! So keep in check that curiosity of yours, and don’t go exploring! Let’s find out more about the most dangerous sea cretures.


Types of dangerous algae 1:38
Why are they so harmful? 2:59
Other marine inhabitants you should never ever touch:
– Irukandji Jellyfish 4:11
– Blue-Ringed Octopus 4:39
– Box Jellyfish 5:05
– Crown-of-Thorns Starfish 5:45
– Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray 6:14
– Lionfish 6:41
– Cone Snail 6:58
– Flower Urchin 7:36
– Reef Stonefish 7:56
– Indonesian Needlefish 8:28
– Striped Surgeonfish 8:56

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