I’m Not Like Others, Here’s Why

Human nature is a strange thing. If we’re not desperately trying to stand out from the crowd and get recognition, then we’re trying to fit in so that we don’t get made fun of. Here’s the story of one of those girls that aren’t like other girls (but she’s not one of those “girls that aren’t like other girls for the sake of attention” you see all over social media these days). And she has something to tell you.

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Barbies or LEGOS? 0:39
Clip-in earrings and plastic necklaces. Yuck! 1:22
“Tomboy” in love 2:49
Being in the friend-zone 3:31
How Christina finally found herself 4:42
… and married a nurse 6:32

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– I only played with my new dolls for a little while on that day. I was more drawn to my big brother’s LEGOS and Hot Wheels and getting down and dirty constructing muddy roads for them out in the yard.
– I didn’t like the feeling of those plastic necklaces on me. I didn’t like feeling the weight of the clip-in earrings on my lobes. I just felt really uncomfortable, and at that young age, I had no idea why I felt this way.
– The “tomboy” label stuck with me, and the “girly” girls didn’t seem interested in playing football and basketball with me at recess. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that if most of the other girls weren’t into those sorts of things.
– And then there was high school. When my body started changing during puberty, I did start to feel a little more feminine and I guess “normal” for a girl. Plus, it was around this time when I started crushing on one of my long-time guy friends.
– As for whether or not my new look impressed my crush, well, after one look at me and a good laugh, his only words were, “Chris, what’s that gunk all over your face?”
– I just decided that it was best for me to focus on my schoolwork and leave the dressing up to my friends. Books never hurt me the way makeup did.
– I ended up going into civil engineering. I wanted to plan buildings and roads for real now! And, yeah, this is a traditionally masculine field.
– Walking around the construction site of a building that I helped create feels incredible! And you know I rock those steel-toed boots and hardhat like a boss!
– This oddball “tomboy” met a guy that really understands where I’m coming from. He’s a nurse, so a large majority of his coworkers are women.

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