I’ve Been Stretching 10 Mins for 30 Days, and Here’s How My Body’s Changed

Most of us have to spend a lot of time sitting at our desks at work. It’s no wonder a lot of people experience back pain. But we often don’t have the time (or the desire) for a full workout. However, as getting older we realize the need for at least some sort of physical activity to benefit our health.

Stretching makes the body more flexible, improves our emotional state, and reduces pain. Also, stretching is extremely important to do to reduce tension in the body! Here’re the results of one interesting experiment. The participant incorporated stretching into her daily routine. She’s been stretching her muscles for 10 minutes a day for a month. Today, she’ ll tell you about some unexpected changes in her body.

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Good sleep 1:06
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Normal sugar levels 2:44
Perfect sense of balance 3:40
Good posture 4:29
Smooth digestion 5:17
Clarity of mind 6:05
5 simple exercises 6:40

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– After a month of doing some simple stretching exercises, my back feels less stiff and my muscles have become more flexible. Now even after a long workday, I don’t feel any pain and the knots in my shoulder have disappeared.
– Shortly after I started following my stretching routine, I noticed that it took me less time to fall asleep and I felt much more refreshed in the morning.
– Because the quality of my sleep was better, I also started to feel more energized throughout the day. Before, it was really difficult for me to stay awake during my long workday and after lunch.
– According to Japanese scientists, poor flexibility is connected with arterial stiffening that leads to high blood pressure. That means that stretching naturally lowers high blood pressure, reducing your level of bad cholesterol.
– After a month of stretching, I’ve noticed that I have become way less clumsy. I don’t know, maybe it’s in my head, but I swear I have no more random bruises on my legs.
– Stretching has improved my posture, which takes extra stress away from my head, neck, and shoulder muscles. So whenever I feel a headache creeping up on me, I just start doing some exercises at my desk and it saves me from the pain.
– Bending my body in different positions increases blood flow to the bowels, reducing inflammation and gastritis. After incorporating stretching into my daily routine, my bloating is gone and I just feel lighter.
– Obviously, if you get rid of that tension, you’ll feel calmer. This is exactly what happened to me thanks to stretching. I have clarity of mind and I don’t waste time or energy anymore on annoying thoughts that make me feel anxious.

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