Life at -63F (-53С) When Bananas Become Hammers

What are the coldest places in the world? If the first thing that comes into your mind is “somewhere in Russia”, you’re right! At least, most of them are right there. Just imagine leaving your house when it’s 63°F! A guy from a village in northeastern Siberia recently decided to post a video on YouTube about what life in the coldest part of the coldest country in the world actually is…

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Siberia climate 1:09

Diamonds and frozen mammoths 2:02

When your breath turns into an icicle 2:43

Wanna leave Nyurba? Wait for spring 3:17

Until then, you can play knights 4:29

Forget about electric appliances 5:01

Who needs a hammer when you have a banana? 5:37

How people keep the warmth of their houses 6:34

How about challenging yourself? Tey to get some food. 7:34

We’d like to thank Olyes Petrovich for the provided information

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– Summer in Siberia is usually quite warm, albeit short, but the winters there are a whole other story! Temperatures can drop to unbelievable lows, and people have to survive the extreme cold.
– Yakutia, the capital of Petrovich’s region, is famous for its diamond deposits and… frozen mammoths. No, for real, in the summer of 2018, you might’ve heard about extremely well-preserved mammoth remains being found in the permafrost.
– In Nyurba, temperatures can drop to -63°F or even lower, which basically stops all activities. Schools close, people rarely go outside, and cars don’t even start!
– t’s not a rare case when cars and even trucks that stopped there overnight got frozen to the core and covered with a thick layer of ice by morning.
– Just like rubber and metal, everything else gets frozen within seconds as well. You need to dress really warm if you’re about to go out in the frost.
– If cars don’t work in such freezing temperatures, then forget about electric appliances! Almost nothing is manufactured for such conditions, and there are few materials that can withstand this extreme cold without breaking at some point.
– The village of Oymyakon boasts the record temperature of 89.9°F and is considered the Northern Pole of Cold. That’s because it doesn’t get any cooler anywhere on Earth except Antarctica.
– For their homes, people install double or even triple insulation on every wall, floor, and ceiling to keep out the cold. Having only one door and no separate entry room is downright dangerous, though!
– Villagers often go hunting or fishing to keep their bellies full. Those who have cars commute to larger cities to buy building and insulation materials, food, medicine, and other necessities.

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