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Leafar Seyer is a good person to dispense a bit of advice – he’s been through a lot. The singer and writer from San Diego’s super tough Sherman Heights hood is an experienced dude who gang-banged for big chunk of his life, and turned to music a few years ago after connecting with Tijuana beat-maker Dave Parley. Their duo sounds like a small army when it gets going because their “cholo goth” approach to a post-industrial sound arrives with a fierce demeanor that pushes you around a bit. Crank up their ‘SD Killwave’ album or ‘Gothic Summer’ EP and a rush of sound pours out. With their ‘Baptism of Thieves’ album arriving on Nov. 24, we invited the guys to weigh in on few social/cultural conundrums, like sleeping in your old room with your boyfriend while visiting your parents’ house for the holidays, and getting hit on by your cousin during family gatherings. The responses are inspired, even though Seyer does all the talking.

Producer: Kim Taylor Bennett

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