That’s Why People Wish On These 7 Things

Why do people make a wish at 11:11? If you happen to glance at a digital watch or clock and it’s exactly 11:11, make a wish before the time changes! Your wish will come true only if you catch this time by chance. The origin of this superstition isn’t quite clear. It might be connected with this number sequence’s symmetry that, according to New Age philosophers, has mystical powers!

Even those who don’t consider themselves particularly superstitious can give in to the temptation to wish upon a shooting star or birthday candles. But do you know why people started wishing on these things in the first place?

Shooting stars 0:43
Birthday candles 1:28
White horses 2:10
Ladybugs 2:55
Eyelashes 3:44
“11:11” 4:26
Wishbones 4:59
Rainbows 5:48
Straw wrappers 6:07
Feathers 6:30
The moon 7:13
Acorns 7:31
Stones 7:55
Nuts 8:23
Dandelions 8:49
Yawning 9:11
Falling leaves 9:32
Snowflakes 9:54
Saying the same thing at the same time 10:15
Earrings 10:37
Sneezing 10:51

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– The tradition of making a wish on a shooting star started with Greco-Egyptian astronomer and writer Ptolemy. He believed that when a star was falling from the sky, the gods were looking at the people and listening to their wishes.
– The Ancient Greeks were the first to decorate cakes with candles. Afterward, they brought these cakes to the temple of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and the hunt. The Greeks believed that the smoke rising from the candles transported people’s wishes up to the gods.
– People started to believe in the power of white horses mostly in the middle of the 19th century. But at that time, you had to either cross paths with a white horse or make a wish only after you see 100 white horses.
– When a ladybug lands on any part of your body, you can make a wish and then wait. If the bug flies away, your wish will come true. But if it stays on you, well, better luck next time!
– Making a wish on eyelashes became popular in the middle of the 19th century. You can find the first mention of this superstition in the folklore of that time.
– The history behind wishbones dates back to an ancient Italian civilization called the Etruscans. They believed that birds had prophetic powers, so they would use dried wishbones to predict the future!
– When you see a rainbow, close your eyes and make a wish. After that, count to 10 with your eyes still closed. If the rainbow is still visible when you open your eyes, your wish will be granted!
– Every time you find a bird feather lying on the ground outside, you have a chance to fulfill your wish. So, that means feathers from jackets or pillows do not count!
– If an acorn ever falls on your head as you’re walking in the woods or something, don’t consider it your unlucky day! Pick it up, hold it tight in your hand, and make a wish.
– If you open a nut and find two in a shell that’s supposed to contain only one, share the second nut with someone else. In this case, you can both make a wish.
– It’s a well-known fact that yawns are super contagious. So if you manage to keep yourself from yawning when you see someone else yawn, you can make a wish. However, this wish will come true only if you do
– If you see a leaf falling from a tree, make a wish really quickly – you have to do it before the leaf touches the ground!
– If you and someone else say the same exact thing simultaneously, both of you should link your right-hand pinkies and silently make your wishes.

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