The 40 Most Expensive Things in the World

What are the most expensive things in the world? Some objects are able to amaze not only by their design but also with their ridiculously high price. Check out a list of some enormously expensive everyday things you should see at least once!

How much would you pay for a new haircut? A vacuum cleaner? Or even a water bottle? Some people are willing to pay a fortune for the most luxurious or most limited items. What about you? If you had unlimited money, would you buy some of these things?

The most expensive…
Coffee pod 0:22
Omelet 0:39
Keyboard 0:53
Feather 1:04
Pair of jeans 1:18
LEGO brick 1:35
Haircut 1:53
Fortune cookies 2:11
Vacuum cleaner 2:28
Wedding cake 3:03
Coffee mug 3:21
Hair clippings 4:01
Teddy bear 4:14
Perfume 4:41
Bicycle 5:45
Bathtub 6:00
Dog 6:30
Board game 6:48
Royal carpet 7:50
Dress 8:06
Christmas tree 8:38
Musical instrument 9:28
Watch 9:43
Phone 10:03
Artwork 10:48
Private house 11:03

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