The Younger You Are, The Better And Faster You’ll Pass!

Common sense tells us that the older you are, the better you should score on different tests. After all, your age and experience are supposed to come to your rescue, right? In fact, teenagers have way more chances to ace the test in this video than those who are older. Let’s give it a try!

1. What do people use this app for? 1:09
2. Where did Baby Ariel get her start? 1:55
3. Which TV show did Drake take part in when he was a teen? 2:39
4. Who is the person in the photo? 3:25
5. Which one isn’t an Instagram stories filter? 4:13
6. What does the chat abbreviation “smh” mean? 4:52
7. Who is the person in the photo? 5:46
8. How did Cameron Monaghan start his career? 6:32
9. What does this brand produce? 7:18
10. Which app does this logo represent? 8:04
11. What does “fam” mean? 8:43
12. Which logo is the right one? 9:23


– If your total score is 0–3 points…
Well, most likely, you belong to Generation X. People of this generation were born between 1965 and 1980. You’re mature and confident. In addition, you have learned to appreciate life no matter what it sends your way. You also have complete control over your emotions and life decisions.
– If your total score is 4–7 points…
Ah, it seems that somebody was born between 1982 and 1996 and belongs to Generation Y (aka Millennials)! You probably share some prominent qualities with other Millennials. This generation is known for being adventurous and ambitious, confident and educated. Millennials also have such character traits as independence, open-mindedness, and passion.
– If your total score is 8–12 points…
Hey, Gen Zer! If you absolutely nailed this test, the chances are high that you were born in the ‘00s! Thus, you belong to Generation Z (or you have a teenage child who shares their interests and hobbies with you). This means that you’re inseparable from your gadgets. And no wonder! You have never known a world without smartphones or the internet. You’re independent and fair-minded, and you want to make a difference. You have perfected the art of multitasking, and you’re used to dreaming big!

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