What If a Bird Flew Into a Airplane’s Engine?

Are you afraid of flying? Or maybe you’re really fascinated with aviation? Then there are all kinds of questions running through your mind. Like what would happen if a bird flew into a plane’s engine? Or if the pilot can do us all a solid and fly around that terrifying turbulence!

Did you know that pilots sometimes take naps while flying the plane? Actually, not all countries feel the same way about this. In the US, for example, it’s illegal for pilots to take naps, but in the UK, controlled naps are allowed. It’s kinda shocking, right?

What if a bird flew into a plane’s engine? 0:51
What if a plane flies too high in the sky? 3:17
What if the pilot falls asleep? 4:20
Can pilots fly around turbulence? 5:07
Why do planes dim the cabin lights when landing or taking off? 6:33

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– If a bird unfortunately flies right into a plane’s engine, this feathered creature can actually disable it! But most aircraft have at least 2, sometimes up to 4, working engines, and pilots can still fly the plane after losing one of the engines if they have to.
– Planes fly pretty high as it is – most cruise at about 35,000 feet. That’s roughly 6.6 miles up in the air! It’s hard to believe that a plane could fly any higher, but it actually can.
– As a plane ascends more and more into the atmosphere, the air becomes less dense, meaning the engine sucks less air in, limiting its ability to climb higher.
– On really long flights, there are always two pilots. So if one has to take a quick nap, there’s always someone still flying the plane.
– If you’ve ever flown on a commercial airline at dusk, nighttime, or early morning, you’ve probably noticed that during takeoff and landing, the cabin lights go dim. This has nothing to do with the passengers’ comfort – it’s actually a safety precaution.

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