What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels

Can the whole world be powered by solar energy? Not by coal, oil, and natural gas but by the sun. It’s actually not that far from becoming a reality. And we already have this technology! So why don’t we put solar panels up everywhere? Well, it’s also not as simple as it seems…

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Great idea or just a bummer? 1:01

Donate your money, ladies and gentlemen! 2:17

So what do we need (except money)? 2:58

Why aren’t we hauling solar panels to the Sahara? 5:04

If you’re an experienced negotiator, let me know 6:12

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– Solar panels require space. Sure, they’re not gigantic constructions – a single home utility panel measures, on average, about 65 x 39 inches.
– Solar panels can’t be installed just anywhere. Since they collect sunlight, they need a place where there’s a lot of it every day. That’s why some regions of the world just aren’t suitable for these things.
– To build and install enough panels to power a decent-sized city, you’ll need hundreds of millions of dollars.
– The Sahara, if covered completely in solar panels, would generate 79 terawatts per year. That would cover everything we need plus some!
– There’s the issue of transporting solar energy across the sea, which would be no easy feat to say the least. New power lines would need to be built, and brand-new infrastructure would have to be introduced.
– Expenses aside, there’s also the question of working with local leaders. You see, the Sahara belongs to several countries at once, so to build anything at all there, you’d need permission from all of them.

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