What If You Damaged Something in a Museum by Accident?

Have you ever visited a museum and noticed that there doesn’t seem to be very much separating the public from the precious art or artifacts on display? Often, it’s nothing more than a velvet rope, and sometimes even less. What would happen if you tripped and stumbled right into a shelf of priceless Etruscan urns?

Well, they would obviously break, but what happens to you after picking the shards of three-thousand-year-old ceramic out of your hair? In 2010, a young woman was attending a class at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City when she tripped and accidentally punched a hole in a piece of priceless artwork. The painting in question was Picasso’s “The Actor,” and was valued at 130 million dollars right until the unnamed student opened a six-inch gash in the canvas…

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Damaged Picasso’s painting 1:04
What happened to that woman? 1:57
How three irreplaceable 17th-century vases were destroyed 2:28
Destructive selfie-takers 3:38
120 thousand dollars in a crushing machine 5:14
Is it modern art or a pile of garbage? 🤔 5:38
Why don’t museums take stronger steps to protect the items? 7:39
A word to the wise 8:33

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– The tear may have been big, but was near the edge and far from the focus of the painting. After three months of restoration, it was as good as new.
– The museum didn’t even charge her the cost of restoring the painting.
– The absolute worst thing that happens is that the perpetrators find themselves banned from the museum, but even that’s extremely rare.
– A few years before “The Actor” lost its boxing match with the young woman, a man in Cambridge tripped over his shoelaces and completely destroyed three irreplaceable 17th-century vases.
– In 2016, an elderly couple severely damaged one of the exhibits at Pennsylvania’s National Watch and Clock Museum.
– As with similar incidents in other museums, the couple was let go without so much as a stern talking to.
– Pretty much anything you find in a museum will have an insurance policy covering it.
– Even museum employees usually won’t lose their jobs over an honest mistake.
– A group of porters in England found this out when they threw away what they thought was an empty box. It was later revealed to contain a painting valued at over 120 thousand dollars.
– In 2014, something similar happed in Italy when a janitor mistook some modern art for a pile of literal garbage.
– What all those incidents had in common is that the damage was unintentional.
– Securing every single exhibit is so expensive that many museums don’t feel like it’s worth the cost.
– If you go to a museum, be careful. Great works of art can endure for centuries, and future generations will be grateful there aren’t too many holes in our cultural heritage.
– But hey, if you do, don’t feel too bad. No one is perfect after all, and we’ve all had moments of clumsiness over the years.

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