What to Do the Week Before Back to School

Well, summer break is over. Not exactly fun to think about… But a new school year means a brand-new start, right? This could be your year! It might seem scary – especially if you’re starting junior high or high school– so make sure to start your first day off right by doing some prep the day and night before!

First and foremost: get plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep! Hopefully, you’ve already started to try and get back into the school wake-up routine: going to bed at a decent time and getting up early, so that your body is used to it. If you get into your routine early on, waking up for school on your first day won’t be so hard! If can’t stop thinking about what the morning will bring, just remember that everyone else is just as nervous or excited as you are!

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How to spend the first morning 1:12
What to wear? 👕 👗 🕶 2:37
Pro-tip: get a new haircut 3:09
Pro-tip #2: keep gum and mints in your schoolbag 4:09
Arrange to meet your friends 5:37
Don’t forget to fill out any paperwork! 📃 6:28

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– Make sure that you’re up early enough to allow time for the things you need to do, so you won’t feel so rushed. Feeling rushed is stressful, and it could make you forget something important.
– If you plan on packing your lunch, do this the night before as well, so that you don’t have to worry about it in the morning.
– A good tip for the day before the first day of school is to do a light workout; you’ll work off some stress and sleep better!
– Think of the perfect back to school outfit. What’s your style, and what makes you feel the most confident and the most you?
– If you can, get a new haircut before the first day of school! A new hairstyle will make you feel extra polished for your first day.
– Get your folders and notebooks for each class organized with any initial guides or paperwork your teachers may have sent you.
– Another great thing to stock up on and keep in your schoolbag is gum and mints! You never want to feel like you might have stinky breath in the morning or after lunch while talking to someone.
– If you’re driving, see if you and some friends can arrange to carpool, and decide on pick-up times and meeting places. If you’re walking to school, walk with some friends who live nearby.
– Make some calls a day or two before the first day of school and make these arrangements; you’ll feel much more relaxed if you’re with some friendly and familiar faces while getting to school.
– It might be super boring, but fill out any paperwork that’s required for the first day of school the night before.
– Most of all, the night before your first day of school, try to relax. Watch your favorite funny TV show or movie. Read a good book. Take deep breaths.

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