Who Owns the Most Expensive House in the World?

Have you ever driven by a house and thought: man, these people must be doing really well? It looks like some private property doesn’t just stand out but would strike even legit millionaires with its luxury.

Priceless works of art, expensive marble, and gold everywhere. Wine cellars, airstrips, and private zoos. Waterfalls, spa, huge swimming pools. Some people have their own restaurants in their mansions, dozens of cars, and even heated driveways. Interested? Then your private tour of the world’ most expensive homes starts right now!

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Antilia, $2 billion 0:23
Villa Leopolda, $750 million 2:49
Rutland Gate Mansion, $362 million 3:59
Four Fairfield Pond, $249 million 4:36
18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens, $222 million 5:22
Ellison Estate, $200 million 6:49
Hearst Castle, $191 million 7:32
Seven The Pinnacle, $155 million 8:43
17 Upper Phillimore Gardens, $128 million 9:15

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This photograph taken on October 19, 2010, shows the twenty-seven storey Antilia, the newly-built residence of Reliance Industries chairman Mukesh Ambani in Mumbai: By INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/EAST NEWS, https://www.eastnews.ru/pictures/picture/id/11580178/i/0/t/1
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– Named after a mythical island in the Atlantic Ocean, Antilia stands 570-feet (173 m) tall in the poshest street of Mumbai. The 27-floored building belongs to Mukesh Ambani, Indian business magnate, the chairman, managing director, and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited.
– Villa Leopolda is located in Villefranche-sur-Mer on the French Riviera. It got its name after King Leopold II of Belgium who once owned it. During World War I it served as a military hospital.
– The house that previously belonged to the Saudi Prince and the Lebanese Prime Minister is situated near Hyde Park in London. The house was designed by Albert Pinto. It’s the largest one-family house in London.
– Fair Field mansion was built in 2003 in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York state. It looks like it could be owned by the Great Gatsby himself, but it actually belongs to Ira Rennert, owner of the Renco Group.
– Kensington Palace Gardens in London, one of the most expensive streets in the world, is called “Billionaire Row” for a reason. Who else would afford a house at an average price of $44 million? And, some houses in this street with security checkpoints at both ends are worth way more than that.
– The house might look like it’s straight out of Japan but is actually located in Woodside, California. It actually consists of 10 buildings. It took 9 years to design and finish the construction of this beautiful estate.
– Another Californian estate stands tall on a hill in San Simeon. Hearst Castle is named so after publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst. It was designed by architect Julia Morgan and intended to be a family home for the Hearsts, but it all changed after their divorce.
– Seven the Pinnacle is the largest property in Yellowstone Club, Montana. It belongs to Edra and Tim Blixseth, who is a timber baron. The property is a luxurious ski resort and golf community.
– This crazy expensive mansion with 10 bedrooms in central London once used to be a school. Now it belongs to Olena Pinchuk, the daughter of Leonid Kuchma, Ukraine’s second president.

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