Your Favorite Font Reveals Your True Personality

The font choice can reveal everything about a person. Yup, like handwriting, font choices say a lot about you! People who use Helvetica not only loyal friends but also great problem-solvers. Those who prefer Rockwell font can be playful and serious at the same time and have the talent of combining incompatible things.

If you put off any task to the last minute because you’re so afraid of failure, never take risks or acts spontaneously, missing a lot of fun moments with your friends, you surely use the… But enough with the spoilers! Let’s try to interpret what your favorite font says about you.

Papyrus 0:29
Helvetica 0:48
Lucida Calligraphy 1:10
Century Gothic 1:32
Futura 1:58
Rockwell 2:18
Impact 2:44
Franklin Gothic 3:11
Times New Roman 3:50
Arial 4:16
Garamond 4:41
Verdana 5:06
Courier 5:33
Curlz 5:54
Comic Sans 6:18

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